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Protect our reef

MAHALO REEF WILDLIFE PROTECTORS!! Special mahalo to Leilani. Check out her great letter to the editor:

TO DO.  Please contact the Governor regarding SB1240 the Reef Wildlife Protection bill. Now would be a great time for more letters to the editor. It’s easy. Call Gov. Ige at 586-0034. Or submit comments or a request for a bill signing ceremony at To submit a letter, go to

OUR CONCERN.  We have not yet heard back any positive news from the administration, only the negative spin from the State agency that has opposed the bill (DLNR / DAR) since it was first heard at the legislature. Despite data, public support and a global crisis in coral reef health and massive decline in marine animal populations, DLNR / DAR representatives continue to promote commercial extraction of reef wildlife. DLNR / DAR has bizarrely claimed there are no significant environmental impacts caused by the extraction of 1-5 million wild animals per year. It’s as if representatives within the state agency are in denial and cannot recognize the effects of massive extraction of reef wildlife despite all evidence. 

The agency representatives do seem to recognize the reefs are at risk because of climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and overfishing for food. And while it’s great the DLNR now protects rock, coral and sea cucumber from commercial collection they have failed time and time again to protect all other critical wildlife, including fish, eels, crabs, octopus, shark and thousands of animal species. Change is long overdue and time is running out. 

Thanks again for your help!


TALK AT HANAUMA:  This Thursday (tomorrow), as part of a month of lectures about Papahānaumokuākea at Hanauma Bay’s Theatre Thursdays, you can hear from Kalani Quiocho, Native Hawaiian Specialist for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The lecture is from 6:30 PM to 7:30 pm at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Theater, 100 Hanauma Bay Rd (off Kalanianaʻole Hwy.).

Admission and parking are free.

VOLUNTEER: For information on a Volunteer Opportunity at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and the Battle of Midway National Memorial (NM):


APPLY FOR SANCTUARY ADVISORY COUNCIL:  NOAA’s Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is currently recruiting members for the Sanctuary Advisory Council.  The sanctuary is seeking to fill the following seats:

  • Business/commerce (primary)
  • Business/commerce (alternate)
  • Conservation (alternate)
  • Lāna‛i Island (alternate)
  • Maui Island (alternate)
  • Moloka‛i Island (primary)
  • Moloka‛i Island (alternate)
  • Native Hawaiian (primary)
  • O‛ahu Island (alternate)
  • Ocean Recreation (alternate)
  • Tourism (primary)

The council is a community-based advisory group consisting of representatives from various user groups, government agencies and the public at large. The council provides advice to sanctuary management on the management and protection of the sanctuary. The council also serves as a liaison to the community regarding sanctuary issues and acts as a conduit, relaying the community’s interests, concerns and management needs to the sanctuary. Council members serve three-year terms which are staggered to allow for continuity within the council.

The deadline for application submittal is May 31, 2017.  For more information and to download an application, please visit or contact Shannon Ruseborn at


Applications are due by Wednesday, May 31. 

May 3, 2017

Join the fight to stop Trump’s Executive Order removing all restrictions on offshore drilling.

Offshore drilling - Worth the risk?

I don’t usually post a request for money even when it is from an organization I support. This is so important it cannot be ignored. Fighting Trumps EO promoting uncontrolled offshore drilling is something we must do. Also, this is a request from the League of Conservation Voters. One of the objectives of the Hawaii Environmental Hui is to set up a Hawaii Chapter of LCV as soon as we have enough members in our mailing list to justify forming an LCV Chapter.

Bill — Last Friday, President Trump signed an Executive Order potentially opening all of our coasts to offshore drilling, which would put at risk marine life, coastal economies, ways of life, and our global climate.

Today, for the first time in our 48-year history, the League of Conservation Voters has filed a legal challenge to the Executive Order.

We’re suing the Trump Administration to defend permanent protections against offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

We need your help. We’re hoping we can raise $50,000 by midnight Friday to ensure we have enough for the fight ahead. If everyone reading this donated, we’d blow through that goal in minutes.

Help LCV stop new offshore drilling. Chip in to help LCV’s legal efforts and all our work to stop Trump »

Last December, President Obama responded to widespread opposition to offshore drilling by establishing permanent protections to prevent drilling in virtually the entire Arctic Ocean and especially sensitive parts of the Atlantic Ocean. LCV helped lead the advocacy campaign to persuade Obama to take this bold step for our coasts and our climate.

But now Donald Trump is trying to roll back the entire Obama environmental legacy, including the permanent protections he established against offshore drilling. Buried within Trump’s Executive Order that would radically expand offshore drilling is a section purporting to reverse President Obama’s permanent protections for the Arctic and Atlantic. The problem is, there is no provision in law authorizing a president to revoke those protections — that’s what we’re challenging.

This legal fight could last years. At the same time, other parts of Trump’s order direct his administration to expand offshore drilling to ALL of our coasts while revising or eliminating drilling safety standards. We’re also battling legislation in Congress that would allow Big Oil to drill everywhere off our nation’s beaches. So we need your help.

So why are we suing for the first time in our history? In a country where conservation and environmental safeguards are at risk as never before, we simply cannot afford to leave any tool in the toolbox. The only way we can pull it all off is with your help. Please, Bill: the environment is counting on you.

Help LCV take on the Trump Administration and stop new offshore drilling »

So we will continue to see you at the ballot box, in the states and the streets, and in the halls of Congress.

But now we will see Mr. Trump in court too.

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

Join the fight to save the earth

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May 2, 2017

Hawai`i Legislature Contemplates Return of PLDC

Coconut Island in Hilo BaySeveral years ago the legislature created the Public Lands Development Corporation (PLDC). The legislation gave the PLDC the authority to enter into public/private partnerships to develop state land without regard to any regulations even county zoning and building codes.  There was such a backlash the legislature repealed the PLDC law. Now the Legislature appears to some to be bringing back the PLDC concept using a different vehicle. Next week the Senate and the House will vote on the conference draft, HB1469 HD1 SD2 CD1.

Go to Ililani Media for more detail. Click the button below.
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May 2, 2017

Protect reef wildlife


Protect our reef

Aloha Reef Wildlife friends.

Our bill to protect reef wildlife needs Governor Igeʻs signature

We have come so far. The final language for SB1240 can be seen here.

The great news is the State House and Senate will vote, perhaps tomorrow, on the final bill. Your efforts to reach out to your legislators really made a difference to protect reef wildlife and the reefs themselves. Please try today to thank your legislator and make sure they vote to support SB1240. While the final version is weaker than the House version, it reflects a compromise that will phase out the commercial aquarium industry, which captures and takes 1-5 million animals every year.

One thing, in particular, you can do is contact Governor Ige to make sure he is on board. The state agency in charge of protecting reef wildlife has not been able to protect Hawaii resources for decades; commercial aquarium collection interests have been promoted at the expense of reef wildlife, reef health, and the public interests. This bill can change that.

Please ask Governor to sign SB1240 as soon as possible.

You can also ask him to schedule a bill signing ceremony to showcase the State’s commitment to protecting wildlife, coral reefs and marine resources. Go to the general website (, send a written message by going to and call 586-0034.

We are very close. MAHALO!


Please share this with your friends.

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