August 24, 2016

There are dumb ideas, stupid ideas and crazy ideas. What do you think?

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Please Kokua Maunalua Bay.

Please express your views about a proposed venture to sell the opportunity to mix cremated remains with materials to create reef balls and submerge them in Maunalua Bay.

Malama  Maunalua, Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, Aha Wahine, HULI, the Portlock Community Association and the Maunalua Koko Kai Community Association oppose this proposed use of our fragile marine resource in Maunalua Bay.

The proposed artificial memorial reef will not provide any environmental benefit to Maunalua Bay and it may well have negative impacts on this fragile marine resource.  Dr. Robert Richmond, highly -recognized coral expert of the University of Hawaii, states  “the proposed designed reef will do nothing to address the root causes of decline in Maunalua Bay.”

The benefit, if any, is economic – not environmental. The commercial venture who would sell the opportunity to have ashes interred in the reef balls and submerged in the Bay.

Here’s how you can express your views:

  • Attend the Hawai‘i Kai Neighborhood Board meeting,  Tuesday, August 30 at 7:00 p,m. at Haha‘ione Elementary School, 595 Pepe‘ekeo Street.

Email your opposition to:

Senator Sam Slom:
Senator Laura Thielen:
Representative Gene Ward:
Representative Mark
Suzanne Case, Chair, DLNR:

Mahalo nui for your support of a healthier Maunalua, mauka to makai.


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