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August 16, 2017

Remove rats from Lehua Island.

Lehua rat removal: risk minimal, benefits huge. Sometimes sincere environmentalists are blinded by their prejudices. Our ecosystems are complex and often doing nothing is the biggest mistake we can make.

People who are concerned about pesticide contamination are willing to let rats wipe out the wildlife of Lehua Island. The overwhelming benefits of removing rats seems far more important than the minute possibility of damage from use of a rat poison.

Click here for a position paper the Conservation Council for Hawaii published a few years ago about rat and mongoose control.

Hawaii’s Native Birds face extinction

A warming climate allows mosquitos to move higher into our mountains. Avian malaria, carried by mosquitos, has caused the death of native birds wherever mosquitos can survive.

Mosquitos were introduced to Hawaii in the mid-1800s. They are not a welcome guest in Hawaii.

Mosquitos not only kill native birds, the are a health risk to people too.  Mosquitos are vectors for some of the most dangerous tropical diseases.  Hawaii has had sporadic outbreaks of dengue fever and several cases Zika virus have been reported in Hawaii.

Modern technology enables use to produce genetically modified mosquitos that will kill off the mosquito. What better place to eradicate mosquitos than in Hawaii?  This is a far better technique than spraying Naled and killing insect indiscriminately.

Check out this article in Science Magazine documenting the critical situation on Kauai.

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