October 24, 2016

Mililani Trask OHA potential conflict of interest

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I support Chris Lee. IMO, He is smart, conscientious and has done good things for his district and the State.

I have always felt Mililani Trask was more interested in her power than in serving the community. Now I feel I have collaboration for what till now was simply a gut feeling. Representative Lee’s letter follows. It is very revealing of what I believe is a pattern of behavior.

From Rep. Chris K C Lee Oct. 20 2016

I wouldn’t be writing today if it wasn’t critically important.

There is a race I’m writing to ask for your consideration for get
involved with. I argue it’s the most important race in Hawaii this
election year. That’s because it’s outcome will determine whether we
will retain our ability to continue pushing on environmental issues, or
if everything will become exponentially harder. Our biggest wins in
recent years – (and many wouldn’t have been possible without groups like the Sierra Club –
from our 100% renewable mandate, to our water issues, to the
Papahanumokuakea expansion), were only possible because of the support of
Native Hawaiian leaders.

OHA doesn’t represent all Native Hawaiian
voices, but they do represent a significant voice from that community.
Without public support from OHA, I can promise you these victories would
not have been possible, or would have been severely watered down.
Politically, that voice supportive of our issues is about to be silenced.

With the credibility of the S C and other environmental groups already
diminished because there’s no longer involvement with elections, I’ve
been cashing in my political capital along with a few others, in order
to keep pushing things forward. But there’s only so much of that to go
around and after this election cycle, there won’t be much political
leverage left. The most painful nail in the coffin will be the loss of
regular support of OHA for our issues. That group’s support alone isn’t
going to pass legislation, but without it, it will certainly stop things
from moving. That’s because opponents look for any reason to kill a
bill, and if there’s a question about where the Native Hawaiian
community falls, it’s one of the easiest ways to stop a bill or
initiative in it’s tracks.

This year Mililani Trask is challenging Bob Lindsey for an OHA seat (on Big Island). She
won the primary election with slightly more votes than Bob ( Bo Kahui got ). If Mililani
wins, as an incredibly loud and outspoken voice on issues, she could
realistically neutralize OHA from taking a position on much of anything.
Bob has been on the right side of most things, but more importantly,
he’s logical, reasonable, smart, and most of all he isn’t in it for

I have to disclose I’ve had Mililani Trask come after me and accuse me
of all sorts of crazy things from being a racist to “anti-renewable
energy” and everything in-between. She has clearly made things up about
people when it is convenient, but worst of all, appears to have a
serious conflict of interest in some issues because she has a personal
financial stake in her agenda.

Here’s Ian Lind’s blog coverage of that:

Rep. Chris Lee drawn into pre-election exchange with Mililani Trask, OHA candidate

Here’s what I wrote laying it all out:

IDG lobbyist Mililani Trask unhappy I chose our community over her employer

This is the single, most important race of the year, because it could
have profound and long-lasting effects on our ability to do anything
significant to protect our environment in Hawaii. It’s late in the
election cycle with just weeks to go. But now is the most critical time
to get involved, and a statement or endorsement means more now than it
ever would before. I’ve spent a LOT of my own political capital and
taken serious personal risks getting involved with this, but it’s that
important and I refuse to stand idly by while our ability to protect the
things we cherish most about this state is flushed away.

I’m asking for your help to reach out to other SC board members and
consider getting involved. Forward this along to the other board members
if it helps. This is the most important election this year and we need
to do something about it. Feel free to call me anytime if you want to
talk, or I’m happy to meet to discuss.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Chris Lee”


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