May 2, 2017

Protect reef wildlife

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Protect our reef

Aloha Reef Wildlife friends.

Our bill to protect reef wildlife needs Governor Igeʻs signature

We have come so far. The final language for SB1240 can be seen here.

The great news is the State House and Senate will vote, perhaps tomorrow, on the final bill. Your efforts to reach out to your legislators really made a difference to protect reef wildlife and the reefs themselves. Please try today to thank your legislator and make sure they vote to support SB1240. While the final version is weaker than the House version, it reflects a compromise that will phase out the commercial aquarium industry, which captures and takes 1-5 million animals every year.

One thing, in particular, you can do is contact Governor Ige to make sure he is on board. The state agency in charge of protecting reef wildlife has not been able to protect Hawaii resources for decades; commercial aquarium collection interests have been promoted at the expense of reef wildlife, reef health, and the public interests. This bill can change that.

Please ask Governor to sign SB1240 as soon as possible.

You can also ask him to schedule a bill signing ceremony to showcase the State’s commitment to protecting wildlife, coral reefs and marine resources. Go to the general website (, send a written message by going to and call 586-0034.

We are very close. MAHALO!


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