July 11, 2017

SB1240 Reef Wildlife Bill is threatened with a veto

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SB1240 requires the Department of Land and Natural Resources to submit proposed legislation by the 2019 regular session including a definition of “sustainable”, a policy for sustainable collection practices of near shore aquatic life, a process for determining limits on collection practices of near shore aquatic life, and any additional resources required by the department. It also prohibits issuance of new aquarium permits, transfer of current permits subject to certain provisions, and renewal of permits that have not been renewed for five or more years.

This article in Civil Beat gives a fair summary of the issue.

Thanks to our Democratic Representatives and Senators and a lot of hard work by the public, it passed the legislature and now sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature. Governor Ige, however, has listed SB1240 as one of the bills that he may VETO.

Please email the Governor’s Office Brandon.T.Asuka@hawaii.gov and let Governor Ige know that you support SB1240. You can also call his office and voice your support: (808) 586-0034

PLEASE SEND or CALL ASAP. The Governor needs to hear from us today!!


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