November 6, 2016

Thomas Square – What the City Doesn’t want you to know.

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The Mayor has a crazy idea to commercialize Thomas Square, which is a public park and a special historic site for the Hawaiian Nation. The City is going through the process of getting public input by Monday, November 7. We encourage you to testify “against” this idea to the address at the bottom of this message. Help us keep Thomas Square a Public Park that we can all use freely. Mahalo Nui Loa for your help. Dave & Sherry.

Thomas Square must remain a public park.




Thomas Square Park fountain to be destroyed

Thomas Square is being transferred from the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation to the Department of Enterprise Services, and is facing major renovation.


Amongst other things, this means:


  • Thomas Square (Hawaiʻiʻs oldest park) will essentially No Longer Be a Public Park.
  • The “Hawaiian Flag” walkway pattern, the fountain, and other major features Will Be Destroyed.
  • There will be a COMMERCIAL focus. The Department of Enterprise Services is a “self-sustaining” department, meaning it is designed to create its own revenue.
  • Goals include making Thomas Square a “World Class Destination” and part of the newly gentrified “Arts District” of Honolulu.
  • The Houseless (including many Kanaka Maoli with roots in the area) will be chased from the area to make it more “presentable”. “Food Not Bombs” (our longstanding five year weekly Potluck and Music Jam for the Houseless) will be kicked out of Thomas Square Park.
  • Thomas Square Will Be Closed for an essentially undetermined length of time while renovation takes place.


Here’s an article by H. Doug Matsuoka that can be helpful for your comment: “What The City Doesn’t Want You To Know About Thomas Square”


Please Comment on the Draft EA:




Written Comments are to be Postmarked by Monday, November 7, 2016
Robert J. Kroning, P.E.
650 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
If you can’t get it together to physically mail your comment you can email it. They may not accept email as official testimony, but if many folks do this, the City will see the amount of public concern, which is a win for us.


Email Comments to:
Cate Cullison at
Robert Kroning at
You must include your name and physical home address in your email.




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